“ESSENTIALS GUIDE, Part 1” - A Design-Loving, Dog Dad’s Guide for City Pups:


In our article on BULLY FOR YOU, I wrote about 4 breeds: Pugs, Frenchies, English Bulldogs, and Pitbulls.  All 4 of these breeds do well in city apartment environments. If you are a completely new Paw-Parent, then you’re probably wondering what exactly it is that you need to be the BEST PREPARED Paw-Parent you can be!?  I’ve composed a list of City Pup Essentials with some links to my TOP Favorite Products from some of my favorite pet brands. 


I should preface this list by saying that I am not an affiliate of any of the items or brands I have listed.  I have personally tried all of these products and will vouch for each and every one of them with my French Bulldogs.




       I went through many, many years of trial-and-error or very little results from trying lots of different dental treats and routines with my dogs.  The poultry toothpaste was a hit.  The brushing of the teeth was not.


         I finally landed on the combination of these three products and my pups have had perfect dental health ever since! 


         I am not a vet nor am I offering medical advice for your dog.  You should always consult with your primary veterinarian when choosing what is best for your dog.  Again, this is just my experience with these products.


OxyFresh – Pet Dental Water Additive – Add to each fresh bowl of water as instructed.


To tell you the truth, I can’t remember exactly how I found this product.  It may have been recommended to me by a close friend or I may have found it through trolling blogs and Amazon for doggy dental health information.  Either way, it’s awesome.  I’m not sure what it does on a medical level but I swear my two Frenchies’ teeth look like they’ve been professionally whitened since starting it.


Ark Naturals – Breathless Brushless Toothpaste – Give once a day, typically after the morning walk as a treat.


I have personal experience with the daily use of these treats literally reversing my dog’s tooth and gum health.  Because of that, I have recommended them to 100s of people because of that. Yes, 100s.  I’m very friendly. 


Virbac – C.E.T. Enzymatic Toothpaste + All-Natural Rubber Green Brushing Stick – Use once or twice a week as needed.


At one point, my oldest Frenchie was diagnosed with periodontitis.  I could not afford nor did I want to put him under anesthesia to clean his teeth professionally, so I sought out this alternative.  After a month of daily use, we returned to the vet and his periodontitis had been reversed and the professional teeth cleaning was no longer needed.  I now use these 2 items together twice a week with my boys, Magnus + Alatar.




MalAcetic – Wet Wipes for Dogs and Cats


Magnus, my oldest Frenchie, got a very bad and nasty looking “fold infection” when he was about 3 years old.  The infection seemed to pop up overnight and looked like he had been lacerated inside of one of his larger face folds.  My vet suggested these and I have always kept them on hand since.  I used them twice a day and the infection cleared up within about a week. 


Nature’s Miracle – Deodorizing Bath Wipes


These wipes are awesome for regular use from paw cleaning after a walk to ridding your sights of the occasional dingle-berry. 




Top Paw - Slow Feed Ceramic Bowl


If your pup inhales their food, this is a great option for the food bowl.  Dogs, especially brachycephalic breeds, who inhale their food at faster rates have a tendency to vomit up their meals.


Not cute. 


This will slow down their “feed speed” by about 30%.


Original Dog Furniture – 5.9” Elevated Feeder - WOOD


Another way to deal with a pup who tends to vomit frequently after eating is to adopt an elevated feeder.  This will allow them to eat at a more comfortable height and put less strain on their neck and throat. This style has a wooden frame and purchasing it supported Etsy artisans.  I ultimately had to retire mine after a period because my newest Frenchie, Alatar, decided to use it for teething purposes.


Frenchies + Pugs will require a feeder between 4” – 6” (max.) in height. 


Doca Pet – 4.5” Elevated Feeder - METAL


This is the elevated feeder I opted for after the wood proved it couldn’t withstand Alatar’s chewing any longer. To reiterate, elevated feeders will allow your dog to eat at a more comfortable height, put less strain on their neck and throat, and this style looks pretty sleek + chic in the metal fabrication and available colors. 




PAWZ – Disposable Rubber Booties


I originally purchased these booties out of desperation and necessity during a NYC snow blizzard, and guess what? They worked. They came in especially handy with all of the chemical-based salts used on sidewalks and streets in NYC during the blizzard months. 


They are a bit challenging to get on at first. I found that if I stretched out the opening BEFORE the first attempt at getting them on Magnus’ paws, then it made things much easier.  Using both hands, hold one bootie at the opening and with index fingers, stretch the opening out a few times. 


After these, I wanted to find a more “fashionable” pair of snow boots for Magnus so I tried several types of dog boots that look more like real boots. The ones with Velcro, built in socks, etc.  Ultimately, I ended up purchasing more PAWZ. I still want a fashionable set of boots but PAWZ served their purpose perfectly.


Beco Pets – Silicone Collapsible Pet Travel Bowl


         I love, love, love this bowl.  It’s easy-to-use, functional, and stores in a drawer or your dog’s tote bag.  The only reminder is that you have to pick up a fresh bottle of water for your dog before you can use it.  Works great on beaches, in parks, and at brunches. 


Moncler X Poldo Dog Couture – Padded Dog Jacket


Because we “fancy like that”. It’s also very functional and fits the broad-chest of a Frenchie just right.   My dogs are my kids and I want them to have at least one special item that they can feel proud to wear.  I’ve always loved Moncler puffers, and while I don’t own one myself, I was able to live vicariously through my dog’s experience.  


As if having a Frenchie in tow during travels needs more attention, the yellow is a great color.  We opted for black but they go faaaaasssssst.  Magnus LOVES his Moncler, looks very handsome in it, and seems to be super comfy walking around in it at the same time.  Win, Win, Win. 



Canada Pooch – Torrential Tracker


I get it if you haven’t quite built up the wardrobe budget to add a Moncler for your pup.  You’ve got time...and you will.  LOL.  I have a couple of items in my boys’ wardrobes that are just as great + also economical. This Tracker by Canada Pooch is waterproof and still in that STELLAR YELLER. Other colors may also be available. 



Alright bully breed lovers, now you know all my little bully-brand faves and fashion faux pas. I showed you mine, now show me yours!  


I want to hear about your essentials and why you chose and love them! Post them to and they might just get featured in one of my future articles.


With Grit + Gratitude,

Daniel, Magnus, + Alatar



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