You Thought Vegan Leather Was Future Stuff - Check Out This Buckle.


Have you ever gone to get your dog into his harness for a walk and you go to click the ends into one another only to hear a CRACK and look down to see one of the pieces has broken off? 


Many plastic side-release buckles can become brittle from prolonged use and break off.  Admittedly, the quality of plastics has improved these days but when that moment happens.  IT SUCKS.  To add to that frustration, there’s not much you can do with your dog’s harness at that point except toss it. It’s Dog Walk Hiatus.


We believe that magnets are the wave of the future when it comes to pet accessory closures.  Our buckle, the magnetic V-Buckle, is a patented safety fastener born out of passionate research, design + development.  The magnetic buckle was designed by a German company called FIDLOCK using neodymium magnets. Neodymium magnets have a lifespan that outlasts most of the magnets out there.


You can read more about Fidlock’s Patented Technology here.


Fidlock trims, snaps, buckles, and other SAFETY closures can be found on a variety of products from motorcycle gear, helmets, bags, footwear, + apparel…and even baby carriers.  


Baby carriers?  That’s right.  If these buckles are safe + strong enough to be used on carrying Precious Human Cargo, then they’re exactly what we are using for that Precious Canine Cargo.


Design Genius: What Makes the Magnet So Magical?


Our magnetic buckles are so strong and clever that to close the buckle securely, all you need do is get the two ends close enough together and the magnet will do the rest.  The magnet enables virtually automatic closing. 


(We bet rainbows are shooting out of your eyes right now. Magic.)


Once the buckle is closed, the magnets connect and lock in place.  The strength of the magnet closure increases as more force is exerted on either side.  This means that as your dog tugs in the harness, the ends magnetize stronger providing an even more secure hold. 

For a quick-release after your walk, simply grab the pull-tab of the buckle with your thumb and index finger, and tug gently. It’s so easy, you can do it with just one hand - even when wearing glovesWhen the fastener is opened, the polarity of the magnets is reversed which means the magnets push each other apart, the buckle opens up, and you can remove the harness.


VOILA! An EASY-ON + EASY-OFF...and very stylish Dog Harness.



Why A Magnetic Buckle Over the Conventional Side-Release Buckle?


Many companies use side-release buckles for their harnesses and other pet products. Like we said, side-release buckles can become brittle over time and from prolonged use and can break, rendering the buckle and harness useless.  And, to be honest, we were tired of seeing the same old closures on dog harnesses.


Like our Vegan leather, we spent months researching, ordering, sampling, and carefully testing different types of the traditional side-release buckles.  The plastic ones felt, well, cheap.  The metal ones clanked around ALOT when Magnus and Alatar walked.  None of them really nailed what we were looking for.  Then we found it.  THE ONE-The MAGNETIC V-Buckle closure. 


 We believe in challenging the status-quo and disrupting systems, the same way that Fidlock is revolutionizing conventional buckle and closure systems. The Result: A safe, easy, secure, functional, and fun UPGRADE to the what we usually see on pet products.


Also, the lifespan of the neodymium magnet outlasts most other magnets we’ve seen. And since plastic side-release buckles can crack and break over time, we wanted our buckle to be built to last.


But The Buckle Was Playing “Hard To Get”.


Material + Trim Sourcing: the first step of many in a typical design process. You see it, you like it, you want it, you order it, you got it.  Not with this specific buckle.  Instant “Love At First Sight”.  We NEED this for the harness.  It makes everything so much eeeasier.  But not so fast – Does the buckle want US?


Fidlock is a very reputable company that only permits the use of the items upon close appraisal of the intended use, how our harness was designed, where on our harness the buckle was placed, and where the leash clipped in relation to the buckle. Basically, they needed to understand if our harness design was a suitable match for the V-Buckle as a security fastener.  


A company with integrity, ethics, and an attention to detail down to interviewing potential products to insure strong compliance with their brand vision is impressive. Long story short, we were approved and are bringing the buckle to you.


Why Tell You All This Insider Info?


We believe in Transparency.  We’re passionate about it.  And honestly, we “geeked out” so hard on all of this magnet technology, how it works, how it simplifies fasteners and makes them almost hands-free, that we wanted to share it with you.  It’s pretty damn cool in our book.     


Are magnets the wave of the future in fasteners?  We’re sold. Now it’s your turn.

Check out our assortment of harnesses that have the magnetic buckle closure at our site:


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