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Russell Herman ~ Tootsie Roo (french bulldog)
Great Mesh Harness - Tootsie Roo Approved!

Got this mesh harness from MC as i despise the other mesh harnesses out on the market for french bulldogs. They never fit right, and they stretch like crazy when my frenchie pulls me or her mom for a walk. MC again has the Venture Vest right. Correct fit for a bulldog - no chafing around the neck or front legs - and it doesn't stretch when pulled. Velcro holds the top together. The magnetic buckle is the best on the market. Colors are phenomenal and love the personal flair added with splash colors. It just looks good on our frenchie. Now i can throw away the other expensive crap i've bought from other places before coming across this harness. THANKS MC for thinking of our frenchie fur babies in designing great products!

I think this will be perfect in the 3/4” width. The magnetic closure is the most important part of this harness. Can’t wait to get my new harness.

A Game-Changer for Yoshi and Me!

I am beyond thrilled with the dog harness I purchased from Daniel's company for my Frenchie, Yoshi! I've tried several harnesses in the past, but this one takes the cake. The quality is top-notch and the design is impeccable.
The sturdy material ensures that the harness is built to last, and it has held up exceptionally well with my energetic little pup. What sets this harness apart from others is the magnetic latch system, which is not only secure but also incredibly easy to use. I never have to fumble around trying to get the harness on and off.
One of the best features is the front clip that prevents Yoshi from getting ahead of me during our walks. And if he does try to pull backward, I can rest assured that the harness won't strain his neck. It's evident that a lot of thought and care has been put into designing this harness with the safety and comfort of our furry friends in mind.
I can confidently say that Yoshi and I have enjoyed more pleasant and stress-free walks since we started using this harness. Daniel and his team have truly outdone themselves with this product, and I can't recommend it enough to other dog owners. Give it a try, and you won't be disappointed!

Best harness ever!

We love this harness! Not only does it not have to go over our Frenchie’s head (which he hates), but it is simple (not at all bulky) yet stylish. We can’t wait for more colors in the future!

Cassie Amundson (Mason_the_tator_tot)
Stylish and Sturdy

We LOVE our new harness. Not only is it very well made, you can just tell it’s high quality by the look and feel, but it’s also very stylish! Thank you for making Mia safe and fashion forward!

"The most stylish and easiest harness to use on the market. Worth every dollar spent." ~Evan T. VERIFIED CUSTOMER

For my frenchie - Indie

I was extremely impressed by the quality of the harness that I ordered. I used the size chart listed on the website to determine the size needed for my frenchie, however, the size large was too loose (my frenchie is on the petite side) and I was able to exchange the size to a medium hassle free. I give kudos to Daniel, he always had a timely response to my emails and provided excellent customer service. Will be ordering again.

Russell Herman ~ Tootsie Roo (french bulldog)
Tootsie Roo Approved!

Got this for our almost 2 year old female frenchie to wear around the house and yard - since the FREAKIN' AWESOME harnesses are not meant to be work all day - only on walks. a collar enables us to snag Tootsie a bit easier when she is running around - or to help her up onto the bed or furniture. She is a piebald - mostly blue/grey with white markings so the WANDERLUXE in small/medium and in SILVERBLACK looks great on her. very comfortable for her. easy on and off with the magnetic buckle. black metal o-ring allows us to put her dog tag and license on it. nice wide width - so it looks substantial - but not too large. just another HIGH QUALITY product from Daniel, Magnus (R.I.P.), + Alatar!!

Simply Amazing.

Great communication and customer service. Then, I received the harness and matching leash. The craftsmanship is stunningly detailed. The fit is immaculate and relieves all the pressure from my dogs neck. It really is the perfect design for frenchies. I’m ordering another for my second frenchie! Worth the investment.

Russell Herman ~ Tootsie Roo (french bulldog)

Got the 'SNOW LEOPARD' HARNESS for our female frenchie - this will be her third harness from Magnus Canis - not that there was anything wrong with the first two - but with Tootsie's grey and white markings - and the special Christmas price - i couldn't resist increasing her wardrobe with one more MC harness. Fit was great - she's around 22lbs and the small size fits her great. Love the magnetic buckle - and still loving the fact that i'm not cleaning a neoprene harness every few days. looks great on her too! Thank you Magnus Canis!

Billy Boney
Great items !

This collar is terrific, love the magnet and the light weight ! It also looks amazing on my Max, and the best part is it is made in America!

Ricardo Ortiz
Best Frenchie Harness

These Frenchie harness are the best I’ve seen yet. I’ve tried several and most companies harness look them same and feel the same. Not these they are made very well and totally add the style I like to see on my Frenchies. Made in The USA and not imported from China like most brands is see. I absolutely love the magnetic buckle system. Makes it real easy to put on and take off. People are always asking me where I get my Frenchie harnesses at.

Love it

We got the larger size but still fits our pup is 10 months so he’ll grow into it.

Phat Tran

So stylish

So stoked!

Finally a harness that fits my frenchie, Louis! The leather, stitching, and hardware is so well thought out. It’s all in the details, and the fit!!


We love these harnesses!

We got each of our Frenchies a signature harness and we absolutely love them. They fit better than any harness we’ve previously tried, and the owner was so helpful in picking the sizes and colors that were right for us. Can’t wait to buy the matching leashes, and might even get some more harnesses because it was too hard to choose just one color! 10/10 would recommend. :)


my pug has had sooo many harnesses and they have always looked so uncomfortable and un-cute! not anymore! this is the best quality, best fitting, and simply the cutest!

i tell everyone i see about this combo! the cross body leash is so chic!

Harness for frenchie

Beautiful, great fitting harness with easy magnetic strap closure.

The most stylish and easiest harness to use on the market

Worth every dollar spent

The Baddest of The Best

I have tried many harnesses over the years and have trashed all of them because they just did not perform well and so as it said my frenchies would slip out all the time that’s dangerous then I saw this new vegan
Made harness decided to give it a try and was Blown sideways 😃Remember them designer jeans of 1983 that fit
Like a glove well
I found that in this Harness and it’s F ing amazing so I got 5 to start with coming back for more O for frenchies 😃Thanks so much for creating fashion safety and bling all in one shot 😀🙌🏼🔥🔥🔥🔥💋

Billy Boney
Poopsie Pouch

The poopsie is perfect for our poop bags for our Frenchie. It is so easy to pull a bag from, tear it off and use. It comes out smooth with no wrinkles. It attaches perfectly to our leash that attaches to the signature collar. The pouch is well made and the material it is made from is superb. Love this added accessory to our other Magnus Canis + Co products!

Billy Boney
Great Collar

We love the collar, it fits great! It is a perfect fit, and Max loved it too!

Russell Herman ~ Tootsie Roo (french bulldog)
Amazing Little Leash.

Got the Little Fartist leash in Boysenblast for our Tootsie Roo to match her Little Fartist Harness (also in Boysenblast). This 4' leash looks great with its violet base color and splashed paint accents in red, grey, and dark purple. Features a heavy duty, yet easy to operate metal clip in black to keep your fur baby fastened. Also has a black d-ring at the base of the leash handle to clip your doggie doo-doo bag storage device to - what great thinking! Vegan leather is backed and stitched to nylon webbing for reinforcement - and won't stretch at all. 4' length is perfect to keep your pooch under control at all times! An added bonus is supporting an American Company and jobs! Many blessings and thanks to Daniel, Magnus, & Alatar for their great products that are fabulous for frenchies!!

Little (F)artist harness and leash set

We received our harness and leash set and immediately fell in love! This harness is not like any other harness we own! It is made of Vegan leather, sturdy, and beautifully hand crafted! I have been eyeing this brand for months and am so thrilled to have such a high quality item for my Frenchie! Dozer is my 4 year old baby boy, he got the size L and it is perfect for his build. The magnetic clasp is super secure. The rest of the hardware on the leash and the harness is amazing too. I highly recommend these products to anyone looking for functional, high quality, and stylish gear for your bull-dog! @bull_dozer_the_frenchbulldog_

Magnus Signature Harness

This harness fits our frenchie perfectly!!! It is comfortable for him and looks great too ( major bonus for a fashionista dog Mom) !! The harness latch is so easy to latch and unlatch that I swear it was made with some type of magic. We LOVE our Magnus Signature harness and will never buy another type of harness again